CASIC and Zhejiang University Jointly Holds Special Matchmaking Conference on Dedicated Campaigns in "University-Enterprise Cooperation"


On July 8, CASIC and Zhejiang University jointly held a special matchmaking conference on the dedicated campaigns in "university-enterprise cooperation". This was a video conference over the Internet, attended by nearly 100 R&D and management personnel from the Institute of Innovation and Entrepreneurship and the innovation and entrepreneurship teams of Zhejiang University, and the Development Planning Department, the Science & Technology and Quality Department and affiliated organizations of CASIC.

At the conference, the representative from the Institute of Innovation and Entrepreneurship of Zhejiang University first introduced the background of the dedicated campaigns in "university-enterprise cooperation", and the preliminary work arrangement of the "Mass Entrepreneurship and Innovation" Demonstration Base of Zhejiang University in respect of "university-enterprise cooperation". Meanwhile, the representative from the Development Planning Department of CASIC introduced CASIC's industrial characteristics and basic situation and key measures in the construction of "mass entrepreneurship and innovation" demonstration bases. Both sides fully expressed their willingness to deepen exchanges and continue cooperation, and hoped that this conference would lay a good foundation for their follow-up broader and multi-dimensional cooperation.

During exchange, representatives from 5 industrial organizations of CASIC, including No. 25 Institute of the Second Academy, Wuhan Space Sanjiang LITRI Co., Ltd., Guizhou Space Appliance Co., Ltd., Hunan Aerospace Tianlu Advanced Material Testing Co., Ltd. and CASICloud-Tech Co., Ltd., respectively introduced their basic situation, industry influence, scientific and technological innovation achievements and cooperation intentions. The leaders from 8 innovation and entrepreneurship teams of Zhejiang University introduced their projects and products in detail. Both sides exchanged their views in depth on core technologies, application cases and market prospects of the projects. Some organizations and innovation and entrepreneurship teams expressed their intention to further develop off-line communication and in-depth cooperation. After the conference, both sides established a WeChat group for deep communication on the projects to promote cooperation and implementation of corresponding achievements. This matchmaking conference achieved remarkable results.

The conference is an important measure of CASIC and Zhejiang University to actively respond to the dedicated campaigns of establishing national "mass entrepreneurship and innovation" demonstration bases through "university-enterprise cooperation". It is of great significance to promote the in-depth cooperation between enterprises and universities in technological innovation and joint research, transformation of scientific and technological achievements, industrial chain coordination, and joint contribution to the ecosystem construction.

With the implementation of the dedicated campaigns of establishing national "mass entrepreneurship and innovation" demonstration bases through "university-enterprise cooperation", CASIC has held two special matchmaking conferences (one with Tsinghua University and one with Zhejiang University), pushing more than 500 collaborative resources and demands to the national "university-enterprise cooperation " platform. In addition, Shenzhen Aerospace Industry Technology Research Institute, China Aerospace Automotive Co., Ltd., CASIC Asset Management Co., Ltd. and other organizations have recently participated in the special matchmaking activities held by Nanjing University, Sichuan University and Peking University, and are currently proceeding with negotiations on in-depth cooperation. CASIC will continue to play the leading role of national "mass entrepreneurship and innovation" demonstration base, expand entrepreneurship-driven employment space by means of its industrial advantages, and provide strong support to ensure stability on the six fronts and security in the six areas.

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