CASIC Holds the Third Regular Session of the Meeting of the Board of Directors in 2020


On July 30, CASIC held the third regular session of the Meeting of the Board of Directors in 2020, reviewing and approving two proposals by voting, and delivering two briefing reports.

Yuan Jie, Secretary of the Party Leadership Group and President of CASIC, Liu Shiquan, Board Director, Deputy Secretary of the Party Leadership Group and Deputy General Manager, Wang Qinglong, Ren Xudong, Ji Xilai and Li Fenghua, external board directors, and Sun Yubin, employee director, attended the session. Relevant representatives from the First Bureau for the Administration of Corporate Executives (Bureau of Board of Directors Affairs) of SASAC, Zhang Hongwen, Member of the Party Leadership Group and Deputy General Manager, and heads of relevant departments of CASIC also attended the session as nonvoting delegates. The session was chaired by Yuan Jie.

At the session, the Board of Directors reviewed and approved two proposals by voting: "Proposal on Continuing to Name and Donate the Seventh "Creating Youth" China Youth Innovation and Entrepreneurship Competition", and "Proposal of Aerospace Jiangnan on Increase of Donation Budget and External Donation", and listened to two reports: "Analysis Report on Economic Operation of CASIC in the First Half of 2020", and "Report on the Implementation of Authorizations given by CASIC's Board of Directors and Recent Major Information".

According to Yuan, in the face of arduous operation and development tasks in the second half of the year, CASIC should firmly establish the concept of high-quality development, enhance the quality awareness of all its employees, and consolidate and refine the work in all aspects to gain results. In addition, CASIC should further strength risk prevention and mitigation, earnestly safeguard its good reputation, ensure the preservation and appreciation of state-owned assets, and further strengthen the standardized construction of its Board of Directors according to the requirements of the SASAC. CASIC should vigorously carry forward major model tasks and major industrialization projects in the second half of the year. Furthermore, all external board directors should strengthen their guidance.

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